Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Someone please tell me why we extended again?

Because I'd sure as heck rather be on shore duty in Japan again then getting ready for more sea time this summer!

I know, I know, the grass is always greener on the other side.  It's just really hard to see through all of this muck right now. 

This is a very stressful time for us.  We have upcoming Chief results, hopefully by the end of this month and we are always biting our nails in nervousness and anticipation.  This is Ahron's third time up for this promotion.  It's a big one for the Navy.  Being an E-7 and Chief Petty Officer completely changes his role in the Navy.  It's like the civilian equivalent of moving into a management position.  But it's a tough and competitive road to get there.  It starts with an exam in January, then a package submission in May.  The selection board usually convenes in June/July, followed by results and a 5-6 week induction of the new Chiefs in August and September. 

Also, the long commutes are really starting to wear on Ahron.  When we moved out here in 2008, we did so knowing that he would be out to sea more than in port.  He takes a vanpool to commute but it's just over 2 hours each way.  Which means he has to leave at 3:30am every morning and then doesn't walk in the door until 6pm. 

So yes, a very stressful time for him, and then trying to mesh that with all of me and the kid's summer plans isn't going so well.  I want him to be included and there for the kids but he's too exhausted to do anything.  It causes tension. 

Of course, we'll work through it, we always do.  I find it very interesting though that whenever we get ready for long periods of underway time, we fight in order to build respective walls around us.  Then it's easier when he leaves because silly emotions don't get in the way. Oh, the life of a Navy Wife.  

AT LEAST the sun is shining bright this week. 

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