Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer, very loose tooth and more

Yesterday was officially the first day of summer and we couldn't have asked for better weather in Western Washington.  The sun was warm and bright and the sky was blue.  Perfection.

We have a lot on the horizon for summer, and unfortunately most of it will be spent without my better half as Ahron head back out to those familiar Pacific waters.  In short there will be two family weddings, family visiting, trips to Yakima and hopefully this year the big E-7 promotion we've been waiting for. 

Exciting news in our household, my daughter officially has her first very wiggly tooth.  Actually she has two loose teeth.  I suspect the tooth fairy will be visiting 'round these parts soon. 

Speaking of teeth, I finally took the plunge and got braces!  It is pretty humiliating for now but the payoff will be worth it to have a beautiful smile. 

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