Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring happenings

Our lives have been on overdrive this spring amongst the wind and rain that seems to flow endlessly into the Puget Sound area.  I'm not really sure we had a spring this year, even though there's not been much snow our weather has been awful.  Rain, wind and storms are pretty regular here and we've only had a couple of days of sunshine. 

It makes me miss growing up in a sunshine climate but I also really appreciate it when we travel home.  

At the end of April, we traveled home for Easter and also celebrated our son's fourth(!) birthday.  

Last Mother's Day weekend, my mom and I finally made it to Las Vegas.  We had a fabulous weekend, I wish we could have stayed a little bit longer.  I just kept thinking how nice it was to be able to eat without kids eating off my plate.  It was amazing to sleep in a bed all to myself without kids in the bed with me. 

After six and a half years of being a mom, this was my first real break for more then a day.  It was nice.  And when I came home, it was nice to be home again.  That is exactly how a vacation should be.  I felt refreshed to come home and I felt missed.

We finally also got some indication of where our next duty station would be and it looks like
(drum roll.................................................................................................................................)

We will be staying here for the next four years! 

We are very, very happy by how this came to be.  First of all, there are only two positions on this side of Washington.  Just two.  For this to happen, someone has to be leaving at the same time Ahron will be arriving.  As Christians, we feel it really is an answer to prayer for our family.  Our praise goes to God for giving us this blessing.

The main reason we are so thankful is because we bought our house here in 2009.  The thought of already having to leave our home and find a renter was a daunting one.  In retrospect, when we bought this house we were betting against the odds that we could stay here.  I wish I could have had that good of luck in Las Vegas, I would have came home with a lot more winnings!   

We also are happy to provide some stability for our children over the next four years.  For them to get to stay in the same location for six total years is also fantastic.

The caveat (because there is always one with the military) is that if Ahron moves up in rank this year, we may have to move after all.  Or maybe not.  So there's always that level of uncertainty that we've come to live with in the military lifestyle.  Also, he will head back to the East Coast for the first two months of 2013.  But we can't focus on all the "What Ifs?"  I'd much rather focus all of the positive blessings in our life. 

Speaking of blessings, we are going to be taking one of my parent's 18 puppies in just about a week and a half.  Adding another dog to our family is going to be a very interesting transition for our family.  With this new addition, our family is now officially complete on the child and pet front.  I think our home has reached capacity :)

Stay tuned for more changes in our lives to come.