Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

This post title is inspired by the song off of Sara Groves' new album, "Invisible Empires"

Well, here we are.  On the first day of our final underway with our ship.  It's hard to believe we began this journey in January of 2008!  By the time it's completely said and done, it will have been almost four years we've been assigned to the ship. 

When we started, Lainie had just turned three and Miles was only nine months old.  Now I have a first grader at six and a half, and a Pre-K student, and almost four and a half.  Oh, how the years go by.

We are looking forward to the fall and holiday season.  It will be so nice to have Ahron home for so many special occasions this year!  There will be a separation period in January and February as Ahron heads back to the East coast to complete another school, but after that we have shore duty to look forward to! 

In so many ways we've all changed and grown as God carries us forward.  I may be lonely, but I'm never alone and that thought is comforting to me.  I'm looking forward to pumpkins, a chill in the air and remembering all of the blessings we've been given.