Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Roundup!

Wow, I have to say this summer is going by very quickly.  It seemed like Elaine just got out of Kindergarten.  Now she's less then a month away from starting first grade!  My little guy, Miles, will be going to a different preschool this year.  Though I dearly loved the one he was in last year, with so many new things on the horizon for me job and school-wise, it will be best for him to be in a non-co-op school. 

Having a child in all day school brings upon all sorts of new options for us.  Hot or cold lunch?  Bus or car rides?  Elaine absolutely loved riding the bus last year.  I'm a little excited and nervous for her to be gone all day.  It seems like a very long day for the both of us, but I'm sure we'll manage and get used to our new schedule. 

Speaking of schedules, our schedules were absolutely packed the first week of August.  I met my Mom and some of my cousins at the Seattle Zoo on July 30th.  We took the Southworth Ferry over to Fauntleroy (aka West Seattle).  This is officially my favorite ferry.  It's a beautiful and short ride.  Fauntleroy is this tiny little residential area with all of these charming little houses.  It's where I would live if I was ever a Seattlelite. 

The next day, Sunday the 31st. we decided to drive home to Yakima instead of waiting until Wednesday.  So in a rush we packed for the week, including lots of extras for my brother's upcoming Saturday wedding.

 In my hometown of Yakima, there is always so much to do.  Most of my family still lives there and we all seem to get together quite often during summer and holidays.  So between coach pitch games and shopping trips, movie nights and lunches out we A)went broke and B)were completely worn out emotionally and physically by Sunday night!  The wedding was lovely though and I'm so glad my brother married someone who loves him so much.  They both deserve happiness and good things.

On Monday we came home and since then, we've been getting ready for Ahron to come home.  He's been out to sea for one month today.  The Chief results came out while he was at sea.  It was another no-go for us this year.  Although it was disappointing, we are relieved that we can stay in our house for another year!  We love our house, and we love being just a couple of hours from family. 

Since we hardly have had any time together this summer, he put in for a week of leave in September right before Elaine starts school, and I am thrilled to have him all to ourselves for a week. 

Well, that's our summer round-up!  I worried we'd be too bored at the beginning, but it's been a great summer so far!  I'm really looking forward to having Ahron home, and now just 3.5 months until shore duty.