Monday, November 21, 2011

Sharing With You: USS Abraham Lincoln coverage from HeraldNet

The Herald, the Everett and Snohomish area newspaper did a lovely farewell piece on the USS Abraham Lincoln leaving its homeport after 15 years in the area. 

Please think of all of the families on the ship that will endure another Christmas apart for the second year in a row.  Our hearts go out to all of them, and after 3.5 years assigned to this ship we are ready for some shore duty. 

Good-Bye Lincoln

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sailor-of-the-Year and Stand down is finally here!

We have had an absolute whirlwind couple of weeks. 

It all started when Ahron came home announced that he was up for Senior Sailor of the Year and his board would be on Halloween.

For Senior Sailor of the Year, Ahron competed against six other amazing, stand-out Sailors.  He was nervous going into the board, where he was asked certain questions by a panel of various Chiefs, as well as required to recite the Sailor's Creed.  But, in the end, he felt he did well and spoke honestly and from his heart.

Shortly after the board, he found out the results would be announced at the upcoming holiday party that Thursday.  Monday to Thursday.  And since he told me when Monday was almost over, I went into panic mode. 

We hadn't planned on attending the holiday party for three reasons.  One, the tickets were $50 too expensive and we're trying to save for Christmas.  Two, the drive is long to Everett (2 hours) and three, Lainie had school the next morning. 

But two days, a new dress and a haircut later, we were ready to go on Thursday afternoon.  The holiday party was fun and I'm really glad we went.  The food at Tulalip Casino was amazing as usual.  We had a couple of drinks and I taught Ahron how to do the Cupid Shuffle, ha!  The time came to announce Senior Sailor of the Year.  By this time we were exhausted and we wanted to get going for the long drive home, but it was worth the wait.  Ahron was chosen as the Senior Sailor of the Year for his aircraft carrier!

It was definitely a surprise for him.  MC's rarely get awarded this.  I was absolutely beaming inside and out, I was so proud of him.  This award was really a reflection of all of the hardships of the last 3.5 years at sea. 
Here's a photo taken of us:

And then this one of Ahron accepting his plaque from his Captain, John Alexander.

It was a great moment in his, well, I consider it "our" career.  Being a military family is truly a group effort.  The arms of the group stretch from my parents, to his siblings, to our children (among many others) and of course, the great God we serve.  God has truly given us the greatest of all blessings, and now as we look forward to this stand down and family time I hope we can share blessings with others around us.