Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas, Woohoo it's Finally Over!

Well, I admit it.  I'm so freaking glad it's finally over!  I somehow inherited this awesome gene from my mother that has me stressed big time over all major holidays.  The only saving grace is that I love watching my children's faces light up with joy around the holidays.  To know that they anticipate and enjoy Christmas so much makes me happy.

We decided to head to my hometown right after Elaine was released from school on Friday the 17th.  So over the river (and my river I mean mountain) and through the woods, to Grandma's house we went.  I decided to torture my parents with our presence for 12 long days.  I'm so generous, I know.

Anyway, we spent the week leading up to Christmas doing some extra shopping, trying to keep my parent's house in some sort of order and hanging out with my nephew Ashton.  I took Elaine and Miles sledding which, if you've never taken your kids sledding alone I do not recommend under any circumstances.  But alas, they had fun and cried when it was time to leave.

Christmas was, Christmas.  It wasn't the same without Ahron of course. And I almost broke down the day before.  But we made it through.  Elaine and Miles both received a lot of great new toys, and I'm so glad I made three Goodwill runs over the past year to make room for all of the new goodies. 

Another milestone on December 28th, my big girl turned six years old! We had a small family gathering at McDonald's and she was spoiled by our family.

Ahron, unfortunately did not have such a jolly Christmas.  They spent their time in Dubai and he had duty on Christmas Day, but I know homecoming will be like all of the holidays we missed rolled into one. 

Through all of these trials, I still know how incredibly blessed we are to have our health, safety, and a steady paycheck among many other things.  I'm looking forward to living in the moment this year and not wishing so much for time to pass me by. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lovely Dinner Conversation over Tacos

E: Mom, who's the oldest?

Me: What do you mean?

E: In our family.

Me: Daddy. Daddy was born first. He grew in Grandma Diane's tummy. Isn't that silly?

E: How did he get in her tummy? (I seriously thought kids only asked that question in movies)

Me: Oh honey, Grandma Diane and Grandpa Mark were in love.....then Daddy was born. (Paused a moment, perfect parent avoidance tactic, answer a question with a question)
How do you think Daddy got in her tummy?

E: Mmmmm, they went swimming.

Me: They went swimming? (Trying not to laugh at this point)  Well sort of. I'll tell you more when you're older.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Oh boy, this past week...

Dance party in the living room to Laurie Berkner

Gym x 2

Speech, MOPS, groceries

Military Family Night @ Junior High

Chimes and Lights Festival

Gingerbread House Assembly

and in between

Meals, baths, books, lots of play and a little yelling and threatening Santa would not visit naughty children.  It was a busy week and I'm really grateful for that.  I'm reminded of a song tonight by Nichole Nordeman.  Her lyrics:

Your mercies are new every morning,
so let me wake with the dawn