Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's to-do list!

Here's my list for today.  I left some cleaning items so the house would look really "fresh and clean" for Ahron tomorrow.
1)Straighten up my room, closet vacuum, make bed.
2)Mop bathroom floors, do a general wipe down
3)Dust and clear table
4)Mop kitchen and entryway
5)Do today's dishes
6)Fold laundry
7)Lay out clothes for tomorrow and pack snacks bag
8)Clear toys out of car, hook up DVD players.

Now my non-cleaning list
1)Hang sign in morning
2)Purchase red balloons from Dollar Tree
3)Purchase nylons, miscellaneous groceries and card
4)Get nails done
5)Charge camera and cell phone

So that's it!  We're almost ready.  I feel really bad already but I think I'm going to leave my dog Chloe outside for the majority of the day tomorrow.  She hates being outside but I desperately want to keep the house spotless and I can't risk the chance that she might pee inside.  Besides I can't wait  to see her reaction to Ahron when he comes home! 

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. 

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