Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 24th

My stomach felt as if it was turning like a clothes dryer that morning, flipping and turning uncontrollably.  Contrary to my regular behavior, I'd actually prepared snacks and outfits the night before.  If only I could prepare us like this every day.  Our mornings would be much more peaceful.

I woke the children and we quickly ate a small breakfast and dressed for the day ahead.  At the last minute my friend Jessica advised us it might be smarter to take the Seattle ferry.  We drove in anticipation.  Every time I started to feel tired, the cold morning air brought me back to reality.  The ferry ride seemed to fly by for once.  All five of our children pointed out the seagulls and ducks as we crossed Puget Sound.  It's funny.  No matter how many times we ride the ferry, it's always like the first time for the children. 

After a couple of wrong turns into downtown Seattle construction, we found our way to the main highway and headed toward the city of Everett.  By the time we arrived at the base we found out the ship already pulled in one hour ahead of schedule.  We knew it'd be a while before our sailors actually got off of the ship.  So we set up our chairs and blanket amidst the crowds of friends and family that came to welcome home their respective loved ones.  You could feel the energy of excitement and anticipation in the air, emotions were running high. 

I chased my three-year old around on the pier.  Three times he tried to get into the water.  "Mama I go swimming," he kept saying.  Oh dear.  Three-year olds.  I called Ahron.  I called my dad who rode the ship back with Ahron.  I waved from the pier and he said I looked beautiful. 

After one very long hour, he was finally off of the ship.  The children hugged him first.  My dad stood to the side.  I could see the pride in his eyes.  I hugged my dad, and then Ahron.  It felt surreal.  But he has this amazing way of making me feel comfort and wiping away any awkwardness. 

We finished up our day by having our homecoming dinner at Applebee's in Renton.  Nothing fancy, but it was good to get a substantial meal in after a long day.  When we came home, we exchanged gifts.  Ahron brought home some incredible coffee from Hawaii.  He added three new beautiful pitchers to my collection.  We gave him a new coffee pot to brew said coffee. 

The children were thrilled to have their Daddy home.  Just like that, it was like he never left and we were a family again.  Pictures to follow soon. 

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