Saturday, November 27, 2010

This part is hard

We had a sweet Thanksgiving.  It was a quiet day in our little home.  I didn't feel stress.  The kids were super excited. 

We were just coming off the tail end of an arctic blast storm that left us without power for the majority of Monday night, and about three inches of snow that fell that same day.  The snow was lovely.  It was soft and sparkling.  It was cold.  After I brushed it off of Ahron's SUV, I decided it was probably time for gloves.  My fingers burned when I went back in the house.

My children thought the power outage was the best night over.  I dragged their mattresses into the living room by the gas fireplace and we just hung out for the evening, talking, telling stories and snacking. 

For Thanksgiving, I made a small turkey breast in the crockpot, two pies (which turned out amazing, if I do say so myself), fruit salad, stuffing, rolls and green bean casserole.  Our neighbor came over to share in the holiday with us.   

The last few days I've felt a bit of sadness as Christmas time nears.  It's tough, it's bittersweet as we get the house ready for Christmas without Ahron.  As it also happens, we are about to reach a very important milestone in this deployment, timewise.  I told him on the phone that once we reach this milestone, hopefully time will start to move more quickly.

We have so very much to be thankful for.  We're healthy, we're comfortable.  God has shown Himself to me now, more clearly then before, and I need that and I'm grateful.

On to December.  

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