Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heartsick and well...just sick

I'm the heartsick one.  Ahron is the sick one.  And because he's sick, I haven't heard from him in almost two days. 

Now, whenever I don't get my usual emails from him, I start playing out horrible scenarios in my head.  He fell down a ladderwell and broke a leg.  He's in medical, dehydrated, getting an IV for hydration.  It's silly.  He's probably already better, since it was a couple of days ago.  Communications are shut off again?  Maybe.  He's most likely trying to catch up on all of the work he's missed. 

This upcoming weekend should be a good one.  My mom and dad are driving up to hang out with me, yay!  I'm going to have my Dad help me with some little projects around the house, and then we are utilizing our military date night to go out and have some fun without the kiddos! Thinking the Clearwater Casino.  It should be a great weekend and just what I need to lift my spirits and stay positive. 

Our Halloween was fun for the kids, so-so for me.  I missed Ahron of course, but I tried to push through it and enjoy it for my children's sake.  I was really proud of my little guy, who won 3rd place at the YMCA's costume contest!  He was rocking the Popeye outfit.  Lainie, my little planner, looked sugary sweet as Barbie Thumbelina.  I say planner because she's had that costume planned since last year.  She is going to use the costume again for sixth birthday garden party (let the pre-planning stages begin). 

My next "keep me busy" project is reorganizing the entry and linen closet...and I may get a new computer desk.  The one we have now is small and practical, but I want something with a little more style, and a little sturdier. 

Now I must go live life.  It goes by too fast, anyway.

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