Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sara Groves for my spirit

The darkness got darker.
In the midst of my darkness God brought to me some light in the form of my favorite music artist, Sara Groves.
There's not enough I can say about her music and ministry and how it's changed me over the years and meant so much to my small life.
I found out through Facebook that she would be performing at a church about 30 minutes away from here.  I've been wanting to see her live since 2006.  I became a fan after her song "Come Be Who You Are" was featured on a City on a Hill CD.
That song is here

Anyway, I got there early and got to sit in the front row.  The church was raising money for a camp for foster care kids which I was happy to contribute too.  I met a nice lady and we chatted, we were both big fans.

I'm so thankful for this treat in the middle of everything I've been feeling.  Just like the opening line says, "In the middle of the way I am, come be who You are."
Thank you God for loving me in my darkness and brokenness.  

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