Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday # 30!!

I can't believe in just over one month I'll be turning 30!  I've seen a lot of my friends on Facebook mourn their 30th birthday and that makes me sad.  This is a time on life where you become sure about who you are and where your place in this world is.  30 is going to be a time for me to make a difference! 

On that note, I've started a campaign to raise money for the International Justice Mission.  Here is my campaign link!

Also, I'll be participating in The Birthday Project!  Here is a link to what that's all about!

Life is beautiful people, let's celebrate it with compassion and kindness.  30, can't wait to rise up and meet you!


  1. What are your birthday plans, Jamie? Its Memorial Day weekend! are you taking advantage of that? p.s. I like your attitude about 30. All of my older friends say that your 30s are just so great, because you don't have to figure out who you are anymore and don't have the struggles that you did in your 20s (I'm still waiting for that part to prove itself) but I'd been waiting to turn 30 for about 2 years!

  2. We don't have much planned although I'm hoping to make it to the Folklife Festival in Seattle at some point and then Sunday a Mariner's game. I enjoy getting older and wiser. :)