Wednesday, November 30, 2016


So it's November 30th.  One day away from December 2016.  I can't even remember the last time I wrote here but my life is ever flowing, fast current.  Sometimes I ride the current, sometimes I fight the current and all of the changes it brings.
Lately I feel as if I am adding to my wrinkles and gray hairs faster than ever before.  Life is just plain hard!  Ahron's ship got underway October 5th, on our anniversary of all days.  They arrived home November 4th, and they were back underway as of November 13th.  So we got to see him for a little bit, and then he was gone.  Since then I feel I've mostly been coping.  I'm having a hard time getting organized both in my brain and my house.  My mothering skills suck and I feel like I'm failing all of the time.  I had two friends pass away this age friends.  That was hard.  Remodeling this house was hard.  Being without Ahron is hard.  School is hard!
Thankfully the holidays are upon us!  I feel like someone decided the winter totally sucked and invented Christmas.  Maybe they had SADD or something?  However it came about I'm excited for Christmas.  My favorite part of it is just experiencing it through the eyes of my children.  They get so excited every day when our elf moves.  We drove through snow last week on Snoqualmie and they wanted to get out and play.  They are loving the Christmas lights and decorations that are popping up around the city.  I'm blasting Christmas music in the car and at home.  Just trying to make it through.
This whole deployment has given us a lot thought as to what will come next in our lives.  Ahron has 16.5 years in the Navy at this point.  So his career will likely end at 20//21 years and he will move on from there.  We are ready for stability and normalcy.

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