Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seeing developmental delays through rose-colored glasses

Man, oh man, has it ever been a journey with Miles and his development. 

When my little guy was just a baby, he seemed to be a little bit behind on his milestones.  From smiling, to crawling to walking and talking, he was always just behind.  Not terribly, but just enough to worry me. 

When Miles turned two, I mentioned to his doctor that he still wasn't talking much.  Our doctor at the time gave me the number for a local speech therapy center.  From that point on, we were introduced into the world of IEP's(Individualized Education Plans) and special education programs.  Miles only spent five months at his toddler speech therapy before starting with the school district. 

After working for a full year with a school speech therapist and attending a local preschool, he was referred to the developmental preschool which he started in September 2011.  Now that he is five, he is starting at the elementary school with the Special Education class but I'm honestly not sure that is the right path for him.  I'm curious to meet with the teacher there and have a feeling she'll recommend him for the general Kinder class and remedial program or perhaps another year of preschool.

Also, he is going to be screened by the developmental pediatrician soon.  I'm not sure what this is all going to entail.  All along, I have heard that this person and this person couldn't diagnose him with anything because conditions like Autism and ADHD are medical issues and need to be diagnosed by a doctor.  I don't feel he falls into either of those categories and was told a long time ago by his first therapists that if anyone tried to diagnose him with autism, seek a second and third opinion.  I'm not sure this is anything other than developmental delays, primarily fine motor and speech, but I guess only time will tell. 

Now that Ahron is home every night, he's getting an idea of the many conferences, appointments and therapy reports that we have undergone since Miles started on this journey.  And it helps knowing that he's beginning to understand what it takes to parent a child who has developmental delays (however major/minor they might be).  I've often felt alone in this and I'm just glad to have my partner now along for the ride.     

It's really heart-wrenching as a mother to be told all the things that are wrong with your child, or all of things that he's not doing, because I see him as such a bright, funny little guy that makes my life full every day.  I'm extremely proud of how far he's come at this point.  And I just want the best for him and his future.     


  1. thanks for sharing...I know how you feel! You are an awesome mommy and I'm sure you will make the choice that's best for Miles! :)

  2. I've known so many little boys that have these delays. I probably over think it often, but I wish I could just wave a wand and take away the struggles. Being a parent is just so hard sometimes.